Medicare Resources

Below are different Medicare resources that you can use to help your clients.  

How to Navigate

In this PDF you will learn how to navigate and use as a reference tool to get quotes for prescription drugs, finding when your client will enter and exit the donut hole, as well as finding the closest and most cost-effective pharmacy to your client. 

Medicare Flyer Updated for 2022 rates

Print Out the Flyer in English or Spanish to show your client the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. 

2023 Donut Hole Coverage

The Donut Hole Coverage flyer will show when your client will enter and exit coverage. The Flyer is offered in English.

Medicare Election Period Flowchart

This flowchart is used to determine the Medicare Election Period for your clients. Print in both English and Spanish

Med-Supp. Carrier Rates Per County - CA

This PDF breaks down the Med-Supp. Carrier rates Per County in California. Showing the cheapest carrier and rates and most expensive carrier and rates for ages 65 and 70. 

When can you normally join, (MAPD/Part C) switch, or drop a plan?

This PDF breaks down when you can switch or drop a plan throughout the year along with explaining Special Enrollment Periods.

2021 Medicare Supplemental Webinar

View the Medicare Supplemental Webinar hosted by Team Alvarez Insurance Services. The webinar will cover the basics of Medicare Supplements/ Medi-Gap coverages, enrollment periods, carriers offered, and how to quote through the Team Alvarez Agent portal. 

Want to see more trainings?

Get in contact with us and add your suggestions below on the trainings and resources you would like to see!