Alignment Health- Portal & Enrollment Training

Dear agents,We're hosting a series of meetings where we'll talk about our secure and easy to use Broker Portal & Online Enrollment Tool! Learn how easy it is for you to help your clients sign up! We're looking forward to hearing from you!  Sign Up | Nov 2

Anthem- Crave Boba (Snacks & Kits)

Dear Valued Anthem Partner, Check out the schedule below, and join me and my coworkers for an upcoming “Coffee & Kits” drop-in, a “Snack & Kits” in your neighborhood, or come visit my Virtual Office Hours. You can find the full California schedule of events and RSVP here: Have a snack and a drink, […]

Anthem- Webinar: Anthem’s Online Agent Tools

Dear Anthem Agent, I hope you’re staying busy and watching the enrollments pour in this AEP. We want to be sure you’re supplied and supported. Check out our schedule of events for the upcoming week. Drop by one of our “Coffee & Kits” events, join a webinar, or sign into our virtual office hours. We […]

Alignment Health- Kits and a Meal on Us

Panera Bread Anaheim 1750 S State College Blvd, Anaheim

Please join me at one of the below locations to pick up your kits, grab a bite and ask your questions.